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Speleological Department "Željezničar"


Speleological Department Željezničar was established by members of the homonymous Mountaineering Society in 1950. More than sixty years of continuous work, gathered over a thousand cavers. Averageing at fifty active members ranging from pupils, students, engineers and Ph.D's to pensioners, some of us specialized in our work so we have constant numbers speleology instructors, speleodivers, biospeleologists and members of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service.

Our main activity is the exploration of caves and pits of the Croatian karst area, ranging from Zagorje and Gorski Kotar, to Lika and Dalmatia. We organized some of the first Croatian speleological expeditions abroad. In the 90es, members of Željezničar led an expedition into our deepest pit - Lukina jama/Trojama (-1421 m) in the well known Velebit mountain range.

The fundamental result of our work is documentation of underground phenomena through topographic cave surveying, photography, film and measurement of basic physical parameters. So far we have processed and archived data on over 1900 caves, and our results have been published in many scientific articles, studies and speleological trade journals. Through scientific research projects we successfully cooperate with state institutions, organizations, private and public companies. An important part of our work is education of fresh forces through caving schools held since 1957. We also organize and participate on speleological meetings at home and abroad, presenting our work in the areas of speleology, geology, topography, biospeleology, archeology, paleontology, education and cave rescue. From the earliest date we publish a high quality journal „Speleolog“ which presents our work throughout the year. Our members are regularly prominent in roof speleological organizations and we can proudly claim that Željezničar was, and is a great contribution to the development, recognition and affirmation of speleology in Croatia.